I'm back and I'm married!!!

Hi everyone! Nathan and I are back from our wonderful wedding weekend and our AMAZING week-long honeymoon. Wow - it has been a crazy couple of weeks! More on the craziness in upcoming posts.

I'm doing my best to get people to post their pics on flickr, because it will be over 4 weeks before we see any professional pics (sad face). Here is a shot of me and my father walking down the aisle. Excuse the red-eye (albeit, white-eye). Below that is a shot of my beautiful sister and I just before we all processed down the aisle. I was surprisingly calm - like totally.

I can't believe it's over. I seriously can't believe it! I have so much to post, but I have a lot of "life" to catch up on as well. I'll be back soon and get you all of the details I can gather.

Talk to everyone soon!!


tina said...

OMG! You are H-O-T! I didn't realize that you had such long beautiful hair either. I think you had it pulled up when I met you. It's so long and shiny. I am jealous.

I can't wait to see and hear the details.


Colleen said...

Thanks T!!!! Don't let the shine fool you, it's all about product, baby! I'm about 4 - 6 months away from Locks of Love!

Tara Vorhes said...

Gorgeous! You look so very pretty... the dress is perfect on you.

Congratulations lady!!!

McKenzie Brickl said...

I used to have that dress! I bought it in April, 2008 at Macy's sample sale!

It was to be my wedding dress, until a dry cleaner destroyed it. Sigh.

It's great to see it in action, even if I never got to wear it.

More dress pics please!