fiesta bachelorette party: beverages

I was recently enlisted to co-plan and host a friend's bachelorette party, and while I'm more than happy to oblige, I have to admit, planning and executing a sweet little fiesta-inspired bachelorette party in only a few short weeks (while in the midst of moving and keeping up with work) has me extremely nervous! Extremely!

So, my plan is to tackle it bit by bit. For instance, today, I did some menu development and beverage research. And I've come to one conclusion, as long as we have sangria and margaritas, all will be good - especially if they're displayed in my Crate and Barrel jars with lids and stainless steel ladles (I'm pretty sure the ones in the photos below are identical to mine)!

I found several highly rated drink recipes on my good-old-standby,, but I think a variation on White Peach Sangria and (would-you-believe-it) Beer Margaritas (don't knock it until you read the reviews!) are the winners! Of course, I'll have to test them with Nathan (I know, life's tough!) before I commit. I'll be sure to report back.

White Peach Sangria - variation
Serves 24
4 bottles dry white wine
3 cups peach flavored vodka
1-1/2 cups frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed
1 cup white sugar
4 pounds small diced white peaches
3 cups small diced apples
3 cups whole raspberries

Beer Margarita's - variation
Serves 24
4 (12 fluid ounce) cans frozen limeade concentrate
6 cups tequila
6 cups water
6 cups light Mexican beer
4 lime, sliced

mod milk glass?

Nathan and I trekked out to Ikea yesterday (Nathan's personal hell) to brainstorm possible media storage solutions for our new place, and of course I spent an additional hour exploring all of the inexpensive decor possibilities... You really can't take me anywhere these days. :)

During my exploration, I came across these adorable modern white vases that reminded me of milk glass! If you're a mod girl having a mod wedding, wouldn't it be cute to incorporate these into your centerpieces!? Filled with a single bud or left empty displayed at varying heights, I think these vases would make a perfect addition to a sleek wedding design!

local goodness: uncommon ground

Nathan and I spent the afternoon looking at apartments...again. (I can't begin to tell you how excited I'll be when we find a keeper and stop wasting our weekends looking at the same crappy shotgun apartments.)

Anyhow, while driving from one crappy apartment in Roscoe Village to another in Andersonville, we decided to stop at our favorite little restaurant/cafe, uncommon ground! And, let me tell you, aside from the atmosphere and ambiance, there is one other undeniable reason to frequent this local eatery: the freaking delicious menu! Whether you get the fabulous turkey and brie grilled cheese with shaved red onions, arugula, and fig jam, or homemade maple and bourbon brioche french toast, it's be a party in your mouth every time! Quite simply, they're in the business of GOOD FOOD, period.

If you're in the city, make your way to Grace and Clark (or Devon and Glenwood, for that matter). You won't be disappointed!


Hi everyone! It's been a CRAZY few weeks: apartment searching, car searching, and working crazy hours at work (because I got a promotion!!!!)! Crazy, crazy few weeks - so crazy that I've neglected to write, read or do anything wedding blog related! I spent this afternoon indulging in some well-deserved blog reading, and came across my FIRST BLOG AWARD!!! Tara from the almighty In This Instance granted me the Attitude and/or Gratitude award! Me!!!??? Awesome; thanks, Tara!

Like all awards, this one comes with a set of rules:
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