local goodness: uncommon ground

Nathan and I spent the afternoon looking at apartments...again. (I can't begin to tell you how excited I'll be when we find a keeper and stop wasting our weekends looking at the same crappy shotgun apartments.)

Anyhow, while driving from one crappy apartment in Roscoe Village to another in Andersonville, we decided to stop at our favorite little restaurant/cafe, uncommon ground! And, let me tell you, aside from the atmosphere and ambiance, there is one other undeniable reason to frequent this local eatery: the freaking delicious menu! Whether you get the fabulous turkey and brie grilled cheese with shaved red onions, arugula, and fig jam, or homemade maple and bourbon brioche french toast, it's be a party in your mouth every time! Quite simply, they're in the business of GOOD FOOD, period.

If you're in the city, make your way to Grace and Clark (or Devon and Glenwood, for that matter). You won't be disappointed!

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Anonymous said...

Awh, you're making me miss Chicago...and it's only been four months since I moved! :)