Chicago Wedding Venue: Catholic Church

Typically I write about amazing (and somewhat affordable) reception venues in Chicago, because, let's face it, nearly every venue in and around this city, hotel or otherwise, is either way generic (can we say Double Tree on Skokie Blvd?) or so unique and amazing that it's nearly unaffordable for the everyday bride. (I say nearly because somehow we find a way to pay over 7k on a site fee, or meet a 20k food and beverage minimum...)

Don't worry; for now, I'll get off my soap box, because today I'm not talking about reception venues. Nay, today I'd like to show you one of the most beautiful ceremony venues in the city...Loyola University's Madonna della Strada! Granted, I hear it's a bit of a hassle to get married there because it's not part of the Archdiocese, and thus you have to do a bunch of paperwork and whatnot... But, it may be worth it to get married in this Art Deco restored masterpiece!

PS, the main doors open on to a patio overlooking the lake...seriously, it's breathtaking!

photo credit: Loyola University Chicago

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