Eggplant and Pomegranate Dresses

Went on Ann Taylor this morning to look for a rehearsal dress, and I saw this - two dresses that match our colors nearly perfectly! Too little, too late, I suppose. However, I will say this: the dresses are not as cute as our Plum JCrew dresses and not nearly as re-wearable (which was huge for me, because I've been a bm 3 times now, and I've never been able to re-wear my dresses!). Nevertheless, I will admit, I'm a bit bummed that our "plum" isn't as perfect of a match as these Ann Taylor dresses - but, ehhh, what can you do?


devon lorraine ... said...

oh my, the plum dresses are way cuter.

Anonymous said...

That's so funny...I'm doing the plum J. Crew dresses too, but I almost went with the Ann Taylor ones first. They weren't in stores yet, and the J. Crew ones looked so beautiful...and I am so much happier this way. Great choice! :)