Chicago Wedding Venue: Indoor/Outdoor & Beach

You'd think I was a Southsider by these last two venue posts - but I just couldn't pass up promoting this beautiful outdoor/beach venue! It, too, is a Chicago Park District location, albeit pricier than the last venue.

I pulled these shots of The 63rd Street Beach House from wikipedia of all places! These were really the only ones that show its colossal size! Seriously, it's HUGE!

Below are a couple shots from; Shannon and Bobby had a beautiful, seemingly intimate, wedding. This is quite an accomplishment when you consider the size (Promenade alone equalling nearly 12,000 sq ft!).

M-Thu $1,200Fri-Sun $2,800

Fountain Courtyard
M-Thu $1,200Fri-Sun $1,800

Serenity Courtyard
M-Thu $1,200Fri-Sun $1,800

Entire site
M-Thu $4,000Fri-Sun $5,000


Genevieve lawresnce said...

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kate davis said...

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