Flower Girl Update

As you may recall, my flower girl and my soon-to-be-SIL found their own version of my flower girl dress, one that I didn't like very much at all... After some serious internal debate, I decided that I wouldn't press it, and I would let her wear whatever she wanted.

That was, until I was on Nordstrom dot com and saw this adorable dress! It is eggplant (one of our colors), it's chiffon, and it's adorable! I promptly asked Nathan to call his sister and gently persuade her to get this dress instead. Mid-conversation, she asked to speak to me...gulp...and I could tell she wasn't happy about my changing plans 4 weeks out. So what did I do??? I bought the dress and had it sent to their house. I know, another $100 bucks down the drain (I feel like we're being nickel and dimed to death!), but at least now there was little room to protest.

The dress arrived today (according to my e-confirmation) so I expect to see a slide show of images to arrive via email any hour now... I really hope they like it! Look at how cute it looks with my bm dresses (together they are our colors, eggplant and [pseudo] pomegranate)!

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