running with the library theme

This weekend, I researched DIY projects like a mad woman! There are so many great "how to" resources out there, many of which I'm sure you're familiar with, but some of which I haven't seen featured on too many sites... I hope to feature several of them, to give props where props are due, but after the wedding, of course. I can't add another thing on to my plate!

In the meanwhile, for any of you running with a library theme (which is random, I know, but may be relevant to some), Creature Comforts featured a great little library card DIY project that you might use for a Save the Date or a Favor Gift Tag... I'm not positive, but, I think I'm going to use them for our "advice cards" (for our Wishing/Advice Jar).

The wedding is in 26 days and I still have so much to do... Thankfully, only some of it is "necessary", like the programs, place cards and menus...everything else is just fluff... It's all just fluff...

PS, coffee table book update: I'm totally not buying any Chicago coffee table books - they're like $50 each! Instead, I'm going to the library and renting them for free! Yay for budget-friendly ideas!
photo credit: Creature Comforts

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What a great website. Thanks for the link!