to candy or not to candy

I've been trying to stop myself from doing something just because it makes for a "good photo op"...and so far, I've been somewhat successful. For instance, I originally wanted to exit our church (from our evening ceremony) through a line of wedding sparklers... Why? Because it would make a great photo! But, logistically, it makes for a bad everything else. (Last summer I went to Nathan's bff's wedding in St. Louis (read: STL is HOT as hell in July), where they made the wedding guests wait in the St. Louis heat for 30 minutes while they finished their church photos...all so they could get a few shots of the bride and groom leaving in a cloud of bubbles...) Needless to say, after that experience, I decided that I wouldn't force our guests to wait in the November cold, in the dark, somewhat shady neighborhood, just so I can get my photo!

So with that said, herein lies my problem... Is my "need" for a candy buffet caused by my "want" for great photos? I don't know... And, could the candy buffet money be put to better use if we did "passed desserts". I've already purchased the apothecary jars from Michaels (which will be opening their Roosevelt Rd store shortly) and Save on Crafts, so half of the money has already been spent. However (perhaps) hundreds of dollars will still need to be spent on color appropriate candy (like the ones below).

Thoughts? Suggestions? Anything???


B said...

Well, I'm sure, to a degree, your "need" for the candy is really a "want." But who isn't allowed a few "wants" on their day?

I'm all about practicality, but I think that some of the "wants" of your day will be the special touches that you (and your guests) remember.

You gave up your sparklers --- have yourself some candy! :)

Anonymous said...

For my sister's wedding last summer, we did a candy buffet, and it was a HUGE hit with the guests. I was actually suprised how much people of all ages enjoyed it. I thought we would have to remind people to fill a bag, but by the time we arrived halfway through the cocktail hour, it was almost gone.

It is definitely not just a photo op but more like additional entertainment.

Go for cheaper, lighter candy in your large containers and save more expensive candy for your smaller containers. I would also think quantity over quality as you might want enough for refills, too. We ordered from, Costco, and filled in with candy from Cost Plus World Market.

Anonymous said...

skip it. they are really expensive and the money would be better spent on actual dessert. only some of the guests will want candy, but everyone will want dessert.

jessica lynn said...

i say dont do it. ditto on the expensiveness and i didnt even end up getting a picture of mine and we have TONS of candy left over. not. worth. it.

alex said...

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Anonymous said...

I'd say talk to a few of your guests, the ones whose opinions you respect, and get their take on it. They will probably be representative of the whole. Are they excited about candy? I LOVE candy buffets, but that's just me. I found an awesome one on that I'm going to get in my wedding colors (pink and brown) and that's probably the most fun thing I'm looking forward to.