Everyday China

Nathan and I ended up with 7 sets of Fine China (it's called fine china, but it was only $89 a set, and it is dishwasher, microwave and oven-safe...) and only 4 sets of Everyday China. But, instead of going out and buying 5 more sets of Fine China and 8 more sets of Everyday China, we decided to cut back and only go with 8 sets of each...

What will we do when we entertain, you ask?

We'll mix the sets, of course! (See last photo for the best example of "mixed texture" dinnerware...) In fact, the lace pattern of our Fine China and the pearl pattern of our Everyday China go so well together, that I may even want to mix them all the time!

Yay for finding solutions...

While I love both sets of china, I must admit, I'm partial to our Ralph Lauren, Spring Lace Fine China. As one shopper explained: "Ralph Lauren continues to set the stage for casual elegance for the home with a china collection that shall stand the test of a timeless design. The Spring Lace Dinnerware collection is a classic twist on white with a subtle lace pattern..."

Once again...happy as a clam!

photo credits: 1) Macy's, 2) Crate & Barrel, 3) Crate & Barrel


mimi said...

i love mixing and matching! your stuff looks great together, i love the fact that you are mixing textures.

and thanks so much for getting back to me. i have such a pretty venue that i am kind of thinking i can get away with less. so maybe this mercury diy will fall to the bottom of the list. your julep cups looked great and they could be fine for me too!!

Tara Vorhes said...

we have the same 'everyday china!' but we only went with the 'everyday' set.

Colleen said...

Mimi - agreed, if you have a beautiful or visually interesting venue, then you can totally get away with going easy on the decor - it's when you have an empty ballroom that you need all sorts of "stuff". I LOOOVED our mint julep cups - like LOVED them. And, they kind of have the same vintage-y vibe as mercury glass. I vote mint juleps all the way! Good luck on everything!!!!!

Tara - two peas in a pod, you and I. First our everyday glassware, and now our everyday china!

Anonymous said...

I just adore all of these options. They remind me of milk glass. And for everyday use, so beautiful! I love the idea of mixing and matching!


Colleen said...

Thanks, Anne! I didn't realize how much they reminded me of milk glass until you mentioned it! That's probably why I love them!!! Happy New Year!

tina said...

I adore the mixed look too!


We had to buy our own everday plates because they were discontinued. And, apparently, Andy really cares what we eat on everyday. (Right?)

We received *two* place settings of fine China and a sugar bowl. Random, huh?