our budget-friendly wedding I: attire

I'd like to begin our $15,000 wedding wrap-up at the beginning - the dress. My dress was the very first (major) decision I made. Essentially, it helped to dictate the tone of the wedding (that is to say, once I picked a more formal dress, I realized that my initial thought of having a laid-back destination wedding in Bluffton, S.C. might not be the right direction.)

As I've explained in past posts, my "vintage" Vera Wang was a fabulously inexpensive find (when you're in doubt, go the preowned or sample dress route). I couldn't have been more obsessed with it! The fabric and the detailing on the bust were to die for! I really lucked out, if I do say so myself. I also wore a gorgeous, standard cut, 72'' cathedral length veil, that was later replaced by a gorgeous silk gardenia, Nadri drop-crystal earings (not pictured), a Nadri crystal bangle (this one was on back order and came 1 week after the wedding...), and I donned some super sexy metallic 4'' heels from Zappos. All in all, I was very, very happy with the way my attire turned out! In fact, the only thing that wasn't perfect was the lack of my Nadri bracelet cuff bracelet...

Up next, hair and make up reviews...

photo credit: Essence Photo and Video
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