Chicago Wedding Venue: Indoor/Outdoor & Lakefront

Ah, to have an outdoor summer wedding... If I had to do it all over again - I might actually go that route - and, Promontory Point would be the perfect location for our summer fĂȘte. It has a wonderful patio with stunning views of Lake Michigan, perfect for an outdoor reception. Rain, no worries, the Point's field house is the crowning glory of this historic South Shore masterpiece...

Update Cost: you will never guess how cheap this place is!

Field House

Lakefront Patio
$75-flat rate

Front Patio
$75-flat rate

photo credit: Rosalind Weddings


A Windy City Wedding said...

We loved this one but alas all the Chicago Park venues had so many rules and requirements. Even though the rate was cheap it seemed you had to have security and use the most expensive caterers in all of Chicago!

Unknown said...

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