DIY Wedding Signs

I’m so inspired by worn, wooden, handmade wedding signs. Whether it’s a (seemingly confusing) directional or a shabby chic ceremony sign...whether it’s nailed to a stake in the ground or hanging from a tree, wedding signs are, quite simply, the best DIY feature any wedding can have.

And, they don’t just make great photos (as we all know, I’m plagued with a love for a great photo op), they’re also functional! “Where’s the ladies room,” a guest may ask. “Why, it's right over there, next to the restroom sign,” she says to herself!

Take a look at some of the beauties that I’ve come across.

Oh, signage, how do I love thee?

photo credits: Pen Carlson, Stacey Kane, Stephanie Williams, Leigh Miller, Southern Weddings


B said...

Love the idea! I should send you a picture of one of my favorite signs so far: "Holy Matrimony!"

I love it, because I tend to say "Holy weather, Batman," or other similarly meaningless comments! ;)

Hannah said...

Those are so cute!!

Anonymous said..., a bridal non-profit which is really nice but could use some of your creativity! Email us please

Princess Panda said...

I LOVE the pictures of your signs! Mentioned you (with a link) in my blog today after I got my own shabby wooden sign. No carpentry skills unfortunately, so I got somebody to DIY for me. :-)

But your blog has given me ideas...thanks!

Wilmer Geraci said...

I like that stack of direction signs! It would give the wedding a nice 'country' feel, don't you think? But it's a wedding, so the guests might take them away as a souvenir. LOL! Better secure those signs to the post with nails or steel strapping to avoid such incident.

Svea said...

Where can I buy some recycled/reclaimed/rustic wood from? I want to make my own sign for my wedding (just to give it some more personal touch), but am having a very hard time finding blank signs! Please help!

A Hunter's Wife said...

Have you tried checking out a local farm? We always seem to have wood laying around. I plan to paint some up tonight for my wedding! :)

JeffreyShockley said...

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