Chicago Wedding Venue: Fabulous and Eclectic

“We salvage. We recycle. We save architectural elements from the wrecking ball. We work to preserve and pass on our history. We have been helping our customers breathe new life into salvaged materials for nearly 30 years.”

Salvage One is a super amazing (and super expensive) architectural thrift shop*. It really does have some pretty amazing stuff. But, more importantly, it has a pretty amazing event space! You and your guests party among the menagerie of recovered architectural elements. It’s so eye catching, I can hardly stand it!

As it turns out, the site fee is 5K, which is at the top of my site fee scale. But, this space is absolutely fabulous, the perfect locatoin for an artistic, urban fête. So if you're down, I am too.

*by my thrift shop, I mean, not-so-thrifty-shop

photo credit: Salvage One Events


tina said...

I've been meaning to feature this place too. I just haven't gotten around to it.

Will you send me your e-mail address so that I can forward the Happy Hour evite?


Colleen said...

you still should...because thousands of brides-in-waiting read your blog...and like 3 read mine:)

Unknown said...

My recent experience with Salvage One (something brides-to-be should be aware of)

Salvage One at 1840 W Hubbard in Chicago is a non-traditional wedding venue with a significant twist, they don't like DJs.

I haven't agreed to do a wedding in over 4 years, something about the overzealous brides and hellish circumstances that surround the events of wedding just aren't my style. However, this was an exception for a good friend of mine that I work with, so I decided that I would help him out.

The night started great and employees at Salvage One were helpful and informative, I was allowed to use the back-gate and service elevator to bring my equipment up to the 2nd floor where the reception was to be held. There are no power outlets on the main stage, so they have to run an extension cord, but when I setup the extension cord was not plugged into anything. One of the staff members came upstairs to help me out and plugged me in. About 10 minutes into my set my power conditioner blew 2 fuses because they plugged me into a 15A circuit instead of 20A (the difference is explained here).

Besides having to keep a constant eye on my power consumption, the rest of the night went well until closing time. My contract was written until 12:00 Midnight, at about 11:50 a member of the staff came over and told me to cut the music. Puzzled, I told the staff member that I was contracted until Midnight and asked her why the venue wasn't contracted the same. She replied that the venue was only contracted till 11:30 and that we were already 20 minutes past the end time. I told her to double check with the bride & groom, and then I would stop the music. I wasn't going to just cut the music without having played their requested "last song". Without any further hesitation I see a man out of the corner of my eye conferring with the woman I just talked to, then he heads for the breaker box and cuts EVERYTHING!

Now, I don't have too much experience in amplifier repair, but I can fix the basic things, and I'm not sure what caused it, but when that breaker was flipped, it melted the fuses in my amp. I walked off the stage and went to confront the man at the breaker box and he was already in a heated argument with other patrons. Keep in mind that I approached him with the utmost respect and professionalism, and wanted to ask him why he didn't consult with his customers before cutting the power, and futhermore, consult with me before attempting to fry my equipment. I also wanted to ask him if this is the kind of hospitality he extended to all of the performers at his venue, but I couldn't get a word in between him telling me to "fuck off" and calling me an "asshole".

After seeing that I wasn't going to be able to have a productive, professional conversation with this guy, I went back to packing up my stuff. My advice to DJ's, Bands and other Wedding performers in the Chicago area is to stay far away from dealing with anyone at this place.

DJ Meltdown is a 16 year veteran club DJ who has performed at many venues on the east coast and throughout Illinois, for booking please use the form located here.

Unknown said...

Truly! I attended a wedding of my friend at Chicago Wedding Venues and I must appreciate arrangements and decoration of the venue. Everything was just perfect.