clip art, what?

I was so happy when my fiancé opened the mailbox yesterday evening and said, "oh great, another wedding magazine..." I promptly snatched it out of his hands and said, "another wedding magazine, another wedding magazine…really? This is Martha Stewart!” Of course, I proceeded to spend the rest of the evening reading the mag from cover to cover…

I hate to say it, but there were only a couple of articles that really caught my eye. There was one in particular that I may even use in my own wedding. In the article,
Click, Print, Fete, Martha somehow managed to make even clip art, yes clip art, unique and attractive! And, what’s more, some of the clip art designs go with our Vintage Chicago theme!!! I particularly liked the place card designs…super vintagey swirls…I love it!

We’ll see if I actually use it, but for now, it’s stored in my google docs…for safe keeping (read: our laptop pooped out a couple of weeks ago, and all of my files, yes, ALL of my files went with it…unless we want to pay the Geek Squad $250 - $1,699 to do some serious data recovery…and there’s no guarantee that they will even be able to do it!!!)

Anyhow, I'm a fan of Martha's clip art...what about you?