Inspiration II: Fruit or Flowers

Fruit, flowers, or plants...that is the question. Gorgeous, elaborate flower arrangements have always been a staple in "beautiful" weddings. And, they are beautiful, to be sure. But, what about using fruit (or just plants!) as centerpieces? I'm not talking about throwing some oranges in a bowl and calling it a day. Rather, what about mixing succulents with fruit (or, even certain vegetables!)? I haven't found too many examples of such centerpieces, but the photos I have come across are GORGEOUS! What do you think?

(note: I have NO idea where I came across the top two photos (thus is the life of a serial blogger), so if they are yours, please, please email me and you will get proper credit. The bottom two photos are from Namrita and Roman's beautiful, wedding featured on The Bride's Cafe.)

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