Inspirational DIY Stationery

I've been doing my research on as many DIY Save the Dates and Invitations that I can get my hands on... It's amazing how crafty some of you are. For instance, Mrs. Daffodil not only to created the most b-e-a-utiful invite, but she wasted, like, NO paper whatsoever. Seriously, nearly every strip of paper was put to use! And, she was even kind enough to create a complete set of instructions.

Amber from My Aim Is True created the MOST AMAZING photostrip Save the Date I've ever seen. So amazing, in fact, that my fiancé and I created our Save the Dates a la Amber's... Ours aren't nearly as amazing, but they're pretty close. I'll post them once they're back from our printer (Print Xpress, $25.00 for ALL of the printing and cutting).

Lastly, Ms. Cupcake totally inspired me to layer, layer, layer, use bold colors...oh, and round my corners! I am totally confident that our Eggplant and Pomegranate color scheme will read as well as her tartan and chartreuse color scheme. AMAZING!

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