Chicago Wedding Venue: Fabulous but Expensive

The newest, most amazing wedding venue in Chicago has got to be The Ivy Room at Tree none! Venue-wise, it's Chicago's best kept secret; but not for long. I've recently seen it advertised on and in a number of Chicago wedding mags.

Nestled between Chicago's famed Medina Temple, the once-shady Artist Quarters, and River North's new-ish State Street shops, you'll find the gem they call the The Ivy Room at Tree Studios. Its courtyard (see above) sets this space apart from nearly every other venue in the city (other than A New Leaf, of course)! The site fee runs upwards of 9k on a Saturday night, and if we were having a 100k wedding, I could attempt to justify spending nearly 10% of my budget on a site fee - a site fee; but alas, I cannot.

If you'd like to drool over more photos of this magnificent venue go to The Ivy Room at Tree Studios. Enjoy.

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