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So JCrew lied to me! Last week, I had sent out a distressed email to all my bms about pre-ordering their dresses via JCrew's 800 number, because the rep said the Fall line would go live next week...(and I'm no stranger to backorder with JCrew...). Anyway, of course, some of my lovely bms-in-waiting didn't order their dresses right away... And you know what? The line went live today! Jeez. Call me crazy, but I'm seriously stressed about the dresses going on backorder!

Anyway, I've given the girls a choice of any of the following dresses. I'd much rather all of us look stylishly coordinated, rather than have them look like freakish clones. (I just went to the wedding of a grade school friend and all of the bridesmaids had these horrible french twists and and the same ugly died shoes...yuck!)

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tina said...

Dig this sh*t. J. Crew lost an order of mine (in the wrong color) in limbo, then tried to charge me $30 more, then reordered the item for me, but charged me twice. On my debit card.

Your 'maids will be hot in those.