Getting Fit...on the cheap

Four weeks ago, I got my ass in gear and joined the fitness center in my office building. Now, it's not Xsport, with 25 locations, hundreds of machines, and 50 fitness classes to choose from each day...but it's convenient and cheap...two very important factors when you're worried about falling off the fitness wagon.

I asked to be weighed and measured (fyi, if you're trying to boost your self esteem, don't do this), and I'll get weighed and measured once a month for the next four months (i.e., until my wedding).

Anyway, here is my point; with our wedding costs mounting, and our budget swelling, I didn't want to add a monthly (read: insanely inflated) gym membership to our already overstretched budget. Instead, I'm paying $25.00 a month. And, I simply asked if I could be exempt from the yearly contract, and you know what, they went for it! I couldn't have asked for more!

photo credit: Buff Brides, by Sue Fleming

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