Merriment Design...the Urban Martha Stewart

Kathy Beymer, from the always entertaining and educational, Merriment Design, is perhaps the closest thing to a young, hip, urban Martha Stewart that I have ever seen.

When I was considering A New Leaf for my venue, I was obsessed with finding photos of weddings that had taken place there. Kathy's has got to be the most amazing wedding yet. You may recognize her wedding, as it was featured on, TheKnot Chicago Magazine, and perhaps dozens of wedding blogs.

If it's recipes you need, take a look at her city dwellers s'mores. If you want to personalize a cookbook or a coffee table photo book, she'll tell you where to go and walk you through it. But, most importantly, she has step by step instructions for all of her amazing DIY wedding stationery and other handmade wedding accessories. For example, her program has been featured on a number of wedding blogs recently; and the instructions for it are right there on her site!

I love it! I love Merriment Design!

photo credit: merriment design