day of coordinators

So...I think I have officially committed my first big wedding mistake. A few months ago I contacted a doc based on a tip that she was fabulous and budget friendly. The doc waited nearly two weeks to respond, but finally emailed me her prices, listing $850 as her starting rate. Because I was a little ticked off that she waited so long to respond, I went ahead and filed her email and contact information away, and assumed I would be able to find another doc with the same pricing that would promptly respond to my inquiries. Well...not so much. I have contacted 4 docs since that time and ALL of them are insanely priced. Like so insanely priced that I'm convinced I won't be able to afford to have any help on our big day.

So, last Thursday I sheepishly searched through gmail to find the contact info for the initial "fabulous and budget friendly" doc, and sent off a quick email attempting to justify my delinquent response... Big surprise, I haven't yet heard back... I think I've totally blown it. Does anyone know of any other doc's whose pricing starts at $850 or lower???? HELP!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm not from Chicago, so I can't help you with a professional. But, I did that for a friend of mine last summer, since due to my small wedding obsession, I knew far too much about how things should run. It totally helped her out, and I enjoyed it. Do you have a friend that could do that?

Colleen said...

you are the second person to suggest that!! i may end up going that route... thanks for the feedback; i get so excited when people actually respond!!!!!!!!!

jen said...

I randomly discovered your blog- and you may be married already. But if not, I would suggest looking for a coordinator who is looking for a start in the business. This tends to be women who recently were married and loved it so much that they want to start their own biz. There are lots of girls on the Knot like this- you could post in your local board for someone, pay them $100 or so and they have the benefit of using you as a future reference. You could also try craigslist. $850 is ridiculous IMO.